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The Orlando Median Sale Price of Property for mid-2015

Posted by Jose Barrios on September 2, 2015
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According to Trulia, the median price in Orlando has been on the rise this year coming from a high in 2007 at $257K, to a low at the beginning of 1011, and a constant increase to this year to reach around $178K by August. What Trulia says is that there has been steady increase in the last five years. According to Trulia, popular neighborhoods in Orlando include Meadow Woods, Pine Hills, Lake Nona, Metro West, Vista East, and College Park.
The most popular three-bedroom houses have been selling this year for an average of $168K, from $114,9K five years ago this time.
The average listing price for the same period from July 22 to August 15 indicated for a two-bedroom unit a very small price change; for a three-bedroom unit an increased from $235K to $243K; and for a four-unit house the prices remain with a very small change also.
In summary, Trulia indicates that although the prices have been on the increase, three-bedroom units have been increasing faster than other units, but it does not mean that all units may not be increasing at the same rate since this is a median sale price. To find out about a specific unit, you have to take into account the area, condition of the unit, and other expectations that you may have such as schools, parks, highways, etc., and the best advice is to first contact a salesperson and discuss the ideas and wishes that you have about your future home, regardless where you come from, Orlando, or another city or country.